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Sailing Boat Blue - Falling For Willow

Sailing Boat Blue

  • Material: MDF, polyester
  • Size: 23x4.5x39cm
It's tiny but brings with it the wonderful seaside feel - the blue and white of the sail as if waving in the sea breeze and the delightful look of the hull and the mast creating that magical like real feel. Adding such models on the sideboard or the console adds to the gorgeous display of thing marine. Here is a sail boat model that will look delightful along with the rest of the marine paraphernalia and the refreshing vibe it will invite.
Give your marine themed home the touch of freshness with this sailboat model that bring with it the typical blue and white colours as well. Modelled in such great detail, right from the tall mast to the sails I blue and white - the hull and the little details below the main body of the boat gives it that life like look. Stands 39 cm tall with platform on the base that will give it perfect balance. The details such as the white pained hull - the double sail - the beautiful rising mast that adds to its classic kind of elegance, will help the theme gravitate towards a marine look all the more dramatically. The size too is perfect for placing atop consoles and perhaps to dress up the corner which seems to have been left out of the rest of the marine look space. adding such sculptures and models always help bind the space more rigorously to the theme on your mind.

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