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Natural Sailing Boat - Falling For Willow

Natural Sailing Boat

  • Material: Wood, MDF, Rope
  • Size: 20x4x35H cm
Put a couple of such sailboats in a collection in your home and your love for the seas will be evident - this handcrafted sail boat comes with solid high rising mast, minute detailing so well proportioned that it will simply elevate the look of that space into quite another dimension.
Homes bear the imprint of one's personality and the love for things marine and nautical is one that can seldom be described in words - perhaps it's the sense of adventure that comes from exploration, the calm and the challenge that the ocean gives you and perhaps its is the tales of glory that the sea brings back - whatever it maybe - the iconic symbol of course for such home would be a sail boat and what better choice than this small little replica standing at a height of 35 cm and about 20 cm wide. It has double sails and tall strong mast made of wood. The body of the boat has been crafted from MDF. Will look positively interesting in any space where it can lend so much character with its presence. The whitewashed body also adds an angle of weather beaten shabby chic look so elementary yet charming.

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