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Blue Mud Crab

  • Want to bring the beach to one's interior? This nautical ornament can do just that. Nautical home decor need not be colourful, a white piece speaks sophistication. Crab decor is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, beach porch, beautiful bedroom, beach living room and also a beach themed party.
    This beautiful piece can be used in the children's room to stimulate marine life imaginations, and also teach the kids about key concepts of nature. It inspires homeowners, young and old alike to embrace fun, and fantastic feelings. It can be placed on delicate corners of the house with other aquatic life and can also be used in the garden. The material is made of fine ceramics which makes it non-porous and resistant to water. It can be used to beautify the ocean floor in an aquarium, also to be placed on top of bookshelves, window sills and can also be delicately placed on kitchen and dinner tables.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 20.5x16x8cm
    • Length: 22.50cm
    • Width: 22.00cm
    • Height: 13.00cm

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