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Spiral Shell Plate - Falling For Willow

Spiral Shell Plate

Plate spiral shell sea foam can be used as prep bowl to layout spices and extremely useful to measure the appropriate serving size of nuts and seeds could pass for one serving salad bowl, it has enough space so the greens and other salad ingredients can be tumbled in a salad dressing. This is a must-have culinary item.
This is one of the sturdiest materials with a non-stick surface and with a look like a piece of artwork. It is like eating one's cake and having it. It serves culinary purpose alongside a ceremonial and aesthetic one. It could be displayed on shelves or as a tabletop piece with pebbles and little shells or cowries kept in it. This ceramic ware is also great for use in the in culinary activities because of the ceramic glaze which forms a non-porous layer, the material evenly distributes the heat and prevents hot spots, plus it prevents foods from burning while still raw in the middle.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 12.5x12.5x3.5cm

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