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Finders Keepers Market A/W18

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Wow! What a weekend. After months of no sleep, design and preparation. Then to actually making my pieces, along with a really sick baby the week prior to the event. It finally arrived. And then left just as quickly. Located in the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds, there was over 200 wonderful art and craft stalls as well as food vendors and thousands of people waiting at the gates ready to shop and peruse what Brisbane artists have to offer.

While setting up I started to think of how exciting this will be. Then a little doubt, "Oh no, everyone else's displays are better than mine, I am way over my head here. What was I thinking?" That all disappeared when the gates opened at 12 midday and the crowds started flooding in. I ended up making back the rent of the site in the first 2-3 hours, so after that it was all fun and games.

Throughout the weekend I met a lot of wonderful faces. Those who follow my brand already and many new Followers. People from my old workplace David Jones, High School and even a few from my old neighbourhood when I was just a little kid. So it almost felt like a step into my old life.

All in all I felt that I was taking a huge leap into the deep end doing this market, and it has paid off, after so many setbacks with my business lately. I have learnt that you have to take a few risks and wear the setbacks, not as failures but as lessons.

We did so well that we sold over 90% of our stock, The most popular being the Munro Jewel Earrings and then The Tassel Earrings coming in second! I wanted to thank the Finders Keepers Team, My friend Josleen for helping out at the drop of a hat. My husband Ash for helping with the setup and looking after our little Lewis. We are hoping to return for the Summer Finders Keepers Market so will update everyone. Now to start preparing for the Tenerife Festival on Saturday July 7th.

Leah xx


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